About JVB

Mr Jan van Bennekom-Minnema is a specialist in Land Administration, Spatial Planning, GIS and IT.

He has worked in Africa, West and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Middle East and Asia on information system development projects. These covered urban/spatial planning and development, land administration, systematic property registration and field tenure data collection, land registry and cadastre.

His main experience is on (geographical) information system and database development projects. He also has expert theoretical and practical knowledge of project and quality management, enterprise architecture and information system development.

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In many projects, Mr Van Bennekom-Minnema handles multiple roles: project manager; IT/IS solution architect; spatial data analyst and data conversion and migration expert; quality auditor and tester of software, data and document deliverables; writer of procurement bidding documents and system requirements; business process (re)design; software designer and developer; and trainer of local specialists and staff.

He is an all-round ‘full stack’ developer and has extensive experience in all phases of projects, especially with the development of large, mission-critical (geographical / web based) information system architectures.

In 2008, he graduated with distinction 'cum laude' for the Master of Science programme 'Geographical Information Management and Applications' with a thesis on the Model Driven Architecture and automatic generation of software in the context of the ISO standard Land Administration Domain Model (LADM, ISO 19152).

Mr. Van Bennekom-Minnema is fluent in the English-language (verbal and in writing) and has a considerable knowledge and experience in the following areas and tools:

  •   Land management, administration and spatial development planning
  •   Information system requirements modelling, design, and development
  •   Relational database management systems (geo-DBMS)
  •   Geographical information systems (GIS), data collection, analysis and mapping
  •   Project and quality management, information system development methods (ISDM)
  •   IT solution architecture, configuration and release management